Christy Edwards
Christy Edwards was born early spring in a small town of North Carolina as the first born child to Bruce and Bonnie Miller.  How appropriate that God would send this little fire-starter into the world when everything is in season to bloom and life is filling every living thing.  To be around Christy this becomes very evident.  She has a contagious personality, full of life, zeal, and enthusiasm. A person in full bloom.  It’s so hard to imagine that her early years were filled with pain, instability with family, disappointment, and abuse.  
With the odds stacked against her, Christy fell in love with Jesus Christ early in her 20s, and credits this to where she is today and how far she was able to come.  “Abuse, infertility, health problems, divorce … none of these defined me; rather, they led me to the well, my well of life.”  Christy dedicated herself to study, and love of Christ and the Bible in 2002.  Not looking back, this led her on a journey that would result in singing, teaching, and motivating thousands for the sake of her Savior.  Today she is in full-time ministry as the Director of Children’s Ministry at The Cove Church in Statesville, NC.  Christy holds family as the highest value; she says, “I am married to the most amazing husband, Brent; and my kids, I have an awesome step son, Parker, and a precious baby girl, Hope.  I’m blessed.”

Christy is founder of At the Well.  The excitement that bleeds into all she does holds no exception here.  Inspiring women and preparing them for this wonderful journey is her hearts desire as she continues motivating, discipling, and inviting others to come along.
Michelle Miller (The Comedian) 

Michelle was born is a small town in North Carolina where she made others laugh as soon as she could talk.  She found any way she could to entertain people, from teaching large dog training classes at a local pet store to being a literal clown. Michelle’s talent has taken her around the world, but her trailer park roots still remain strong. Michelle has been featured on Fox and CBS and on radio stations across the country for her comedic style. Her sweet southern charm and quick wit are quickly becoming a favorite across the country. In 2011, Michelle was featured on the New Comedy Revolution DVD, and voted one of America's funniest comedians.  In 2012 Michelle was voted Funniest Female comedian in Florida and appeared on NickMom Night Out on Nickelodeon.  Michelle's passion is to share the joy she has found in the Lord with others, one laugh at a time. Michelle is also the director of Children and Families at Highland Park Church of Lake Nona in Orlando, FL.

At the Well Speakers 
                                                                   Dana Mather

Dana Mather grew up in the great state of Indiana, playing sports and pestering her younger brother. Growing up in a stable, loving home gave her the security that every child needs. However, as she headed off to college, her parents’ marriage of 25 years ended. Heart-broken and disillusioned, Dana attended the College of Charleston and was randomly placed with a roommate who passionately loved Jesus! After only three short months, Dana began loving Jesus as well. Shortly after college, God directed Dana to Ruth Gordon Howard, a professional Christian speaker and fitness expert. Together, they directed a medically-based Health and Wellness Center that received thousands of visits monthly. On a daily basis, Dana, taught, encouraged and inspired women to apply principles that helped them have more energy every day--learning firsthand what worked and what didn’t.
Karen Messick

Karen Messick was born in Statesville NC where she still resides with her husband, Sonny.  She has been married for more than 30 years and is the mother of 2 adult children.   Karen's passion for women's ministry has grown over the last several years as she made a decision to say "YES" to the opportunities God has blessed her with. She believes you can encourage women through everyday life experiences, using laughter, tears, and lots of hugs.  Her life verse is Psalm 46:10 - Be still and know that I am God.  She contends that even when life is serving up a crock pot full of craziness, we can declare God is good..all the time.
Dana is a gifted teacher, speaker, competitive athlete, and a woman with a 
heart to encourage other women to be their best. She recently finished video 
production on a new DVD that is now being used in children's education internationally. Her most important role; however, is loving her husband, Bruce, and raising her three, amazing boys. 
Cheryl Fellores

Cheryl Fellores is a wife, mom, and friend. She was born and raised in the Midwest. At and early age, Cheryl accepted Christ as her Savior but didn’t know how to feed that faith. God never gave up on her as He walked her through life placing numerous people to speak His truth into her life.  
After marrying her husband Joey and moving to North Carolina, God made Himself abundantly clear to her. That’s when she surrendered to the call He had all along for her life. She’s an ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God. Cheryl is a writer and a speaker passionate about helping others find Jesus. But more than that, she’s an encourager down to her core. 
Throughout her life, she continues to learn God’s truth that He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them (Romans 8:28).