Our Vocalist
Nicole Nelson

Nicole was born in a small town in North Carolina. She grew up a tomboy surrounded by land, horses, and cows. While brought up by parents who believed in God, she did not know what following Jesus truly looked like until her late teens when she joined a Christian rock band. Her love of singing was a complete surprise to her family.

Despite growing up in an idyllic country setting, Nicole is no stranger to adversity. She was a victim of abuse, divorce and the fear of infertility. After floundering aimlessly for a few years she and her husband found their way to a wonderful church family and she renewed her dedication to God. Today she is a mother to a high energy little boy and has a wonderful marriage. Together she and her husband serve on their church children’s ministry.

Marla Houston
Nicole believes that if your path in life is hard to decide on- the decision is easy… it is the path that He has well lit! “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105
Marla’s bright smile and bubbly personality have made her a friend to many women. God blessed her with a beautiful singing voice and love of music at an early age. She believes that its important to use the gifts that God has given us to encourage and minister to others. Her career path as a nurse has allowed her to touch many people over the last 19 yrs. She’s currently serving as a nationally certified school nurse. Family is very important –she’s married to a full time fire fighter and has a beautiful daughter who also loves to sing and dance with her mom.
Alarie discovered her love of music and singing at a young age. God has gifted her with a beautiful singing voice and a passion to encourage others through song. She has a servant’s heart and enjoys reaching people for the Lord. Alarie appreciates the challenges that accompany hard work. Her days are filled with helping others as a medical assistant while also pursuing a nursing degree. She and her husband Chris, of 8 years, also care for 2 small boys who bring much joy to their life.